Brown Fused Alumina use bauxite as raw material, through 2200 ℃ tilting furnance or fixed furnance electric fusion. Tilting furnance BFA color shows dark brown, fixed furnance BFA color shows dark brown with little bit red. BFA shows high hardness, toughness, it is an very important raw material for refractory and abrasive applications.
Product name Al2O3 Fe2O3 SiO2 TiO2 B.D.
Tilting FurnanceBFA > 95% < 0.5% < 1.7% < 4% > 3.85g/ccm
Fixed Furnance BFA > 95% < 0.3% < 1.2% < 4% > 3.85g/ccm
Abrasive grade BFA sizes are            F10-F220 > 95% < 0.3% < 1.2% < 4%

Can provide various size distributions according to customers’ detail requirements, can also provide other specs BFA according to customers’ requirements.


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