copper cathode Grade A
Purity: purity 99.97%-99.99% min
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Typical specifications:

Dimensions 914mm x 914mm x 12mm
Weight per sheet 105Kg (±1%)
Net weight per pallet 2MT approx
Min, weight in each container 20MT approx
Gross weight of each container 22.2MT approx
Packaging Palletized, Aluminum bands


elements value elements value
copper (min %age) 99.99% silica (si/ppm) 0.3
iron (fe/ppm) 2 cobalt (co/ppm) 0.2
sulphur (s/ppm) 4 arsenic (as/ppm) 0.1
oxygen (o2/ppm) nil bismuth (bi/ppm) 0.1
argent (ag/ppm) 10 manganese (mn/ppm) 0.1
lead (pb/ppm) 0.2 teleurium (te/ppm) 0.05
nickel (ni/ppm) 0.2 aluminium (al/ppm) 0.5
selenium (se/ppm) 0.3 magnesium (mg/ppm) 0.4
antimony (sb/ppm) 0.1


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