Ferro Phosphorous



Ferro Phosphorous is a by-product of a process that involves formulation of yellow phosphorus and could also be produced by smelting Ferro rock and Phosphate rock in blast furnace. It suitably works as an alloying agent of special type of iron and also used in metallurgy industry as a deoxidizer. Phosphorous present in the alloy improves machinability, strength and corrosion resistance through atmosphere. As a dehydrating agent it enables to remove water during the alloy formation process.


  • Work as an additive during the production of metallic paint in the process of steel-making
  • Used for manufacturing phosphate in chemical products
  • Suitably used in phosphoric additive during casting process
  • Helps in improving strength in steel process
  • Ensures increased fluidity in gray iron


Material Description Ferro-Phosphorus
Chemistry P 22.0-28.0%
Mn 3.0% max.
Si 3.0% max.
Ti 1.5% max.
Cr 0.6% max.
V 0.6% max
Molecular Formula FeP
Molecular Weight 86.81
Property: size Supplied in lump and milled forms


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