Ferro Silicon Magnesium


Ferro Silicon Magnesium offered is made available by us under specifications Mg: 8-10%, Ca : 1.5-2-5mm, Re : 2-2.5%, Si : 44-50%, Al : 1% and in sizes of 5-15 mm (90% min) and 15-25mm (90% min). With packaging availability in 25 Kg Bag to 1 Mt Jumbo Bags, its point of origin is China. Providing functionality as master alloys of Magnesium with Iron and Silicon, these also support the needs of transforming graphite flakes to spheroids. For uniform homogeneity, the alloys using induction furnace support and can be casted in permanent moulds.


  • Offering right alloy with controlled Ca and TRE
  • Assists in reducing severity of reaction as well as for improving magnesium recovery
  • Alloys analyzed using X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer that provides for consistent finish quality


Product Specification Size Packing Origin
Ferro Silicon Magnesium Mg : 8-10%
Ca : 1.5-2-5mm
Re : 2-2.5%
Si : 44-50%
Al : 1%
5-15 mm (90% min)
15-25mm (90% min)
In 25 Kg Bag
In to 1 Mt Jumbo Bag


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