Nickel sheet metal:

Purity:99.97% min.

Color: sliver white metal

Grade: NI200, Ni201, N4, N6

Density: 8.9g/cm³

Melting point: 1455℃

Boiling point: 2730℃

1.Highly resistant to various reducing chemicals
2.High electrical conductivity
3.Excellent corrosion resistance to distilled and natural waters
4.Resistance to neutral and alkaline salt solutions
5.Excellent resistance to dry fluorine
6.Widely used to handle caustic soda
7.Good thermal, electrical and magnet obstructive properties

Nickel sheet metal
Item Value (%)
Purity (%) 99.97
Cobalt 0.050
copper 0.001
carbon 0.003
iron 0.0004
sulfur 0.023
arsenic 0.001
lead 0.0005
zinc 0.0001


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